Fort Pierce Paddleboard Lessons


Yes…anyone can stand up on a paddleboard and splash around on the water, but our private lessons will give you the proper methods and techniques to effectively become a true stand up paddler! Our excellent instructors will increase your learning curve dramatically, and will provide you with confidence and valuable skills that will last a lifetime. So you can either try to paddleboard on your own and hope for the best, or get a private lesson that can truly make you your best!

You can customize your lesson to include a combination of stand up paddle boarding with a teaching-centered orientation tour of The Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve. Venture off on your own for the remaining rental time and put your newly acquired skills to the test!

$60 / per person, with discounts for multiple participants (below)

03 15.00 % $ 9.00 $ 51.00
04 20.00 % $ 12.00 $ 48.00
05 25.00 % $ 15.00 $ 45.00
06 30.00 % $ 18.00 $ 42.00
07 35.00 % $ 21.00 $ 39.00
08+ 40.00 % $ 24.00 $ 36.00

To Book Online:
Click Book Now below, select the number of participants (discounts listed above will be automatically applied at checkout), the next screen will give you the option to add-on an additional 3 hours of time to your rentals of the equipment for only $10/per person, so you can spend up to three hours after you one-hour lesson to practice and enjoy your new skills if you’d like!